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We understand that networking is key to success in business. Our aim is simple: to provide our members with opportunities to develop and enhance their networking skills and to expand their business connections. MYP offers a variety of bespoke events that help members become confident networkers, meet fellow professionals and have some fun along the way.

About Us


Formed in 1999, Merseyside Young Professionals ("MYP") is a networking organisation run by, and for, up and coming professionals and business people across Merseyside.

Our events range from champagne tasting and quizzes, to exclusive talks from key influential figures such as politicians and Bank of England Monetary Policy Committee members.

We often get asked who MYP is aimed at and whether there is an age limit. Traditionally MYP is designed to suit people starting out in their careers, taking their first networking steps. However, MYP is a frame of mind and if you feel you would be comfortable at our events then you are welcome. We would encourage you to view details of past events and if still in doubt why not come along and try an event out to see if it suits you?


  • Access to exclusive events
  • Enhance and develop your networking skills
  • Grow and build your contact base
  • Promote your organisation amongst other young professionals
  • Encourage new business relationships and opportunities

The annual MYP charity ball has become one of the many highlights of the professional events calendar as our members, and supporting organisations, come together to raise money for worthy causes across the region.

For only £80 per year, Merseyside Young Professional members get access to a great range of monthly events.

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MYP Smartphone Quiz

  • Thursday 8th March from 18:00
  • Revolution, St Peter's Square (off Seel Street)
  • £0 (Non-members £15)

The most prestigious and talked-about intellectual showdown in the region returns! But this year we’re showing how up-to-date and "21st Century" we are by having it based on smartphones! Analogue pens and paper are so 1973!

The event will take place in Revolution on St Peter's Square where WIFI and full instructions will be provided to enable you to get quizzical. The quiz will comprise of a number of rounds with a wide range of questions and there will be some sort of drink / food offering to stimulate your brain-cells (details to be clarified nearer the time).

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